Mission Statement

Platt Builders is a general contracting firm that offers Partnered Design, Project Management, Custom Cabinetry & Millwork, and Finish Level Carpentry. These specialties enable us to deliver turn-key custom home construction and remodeling projects. Our investment in these core service offerings allows us to control the pace and quality of production, and leads to frustration-free projects for our clients.

Partnered Design

Platt Builders has built partnerships with local architects and design professionals. Once we assess your potential construction project, we can connect you with one or two design professionals that we feel would be appropriate for the style, scope and size project you are considering. This enables you to work on your project with a design professional with whom we have confidence and experience. We have relationships with design professionals who specialize in both traditional and contemporary styles as well as custom homes vs. remodeling. If you have already contracted the services of an architect or designer, we are pleased to work as a team member with your design team to bring the project to fruition.

Project Management

Project Management is the connective tissue that holds every project together, and our Project Managers can herd cats. Able to participate in the estimate and goal setting phase of the project, then manage it through to completion, our Project Managers have financial and critical time goals associated with each phase of the project and are in constant communication with clients to discuss progress. Each Platt Project Manager is a licensed construction supervisor familiar with all aspects of the Mass. building code.

Every member of our team is an expert in resource management and building construction techniques. In addition to the allocation of Platt labor, our Project Managers handle the subcontractor and hold them to the same exacting standard we hold our own employees to. Platt’s Project Management team is a key part of each project and a major piece of the success we constantly achieve.

Custom Cabinetry & Millwork

Started by Halsey Platt three years before the founding of the company in 1992, the cabinet shop embodies our company’s attention to detail and craftsmanship. We offer cabinetry designed both to look beautiful and to solve functional needs. We install our cabinets on site to look seamless with the rest of your home. Our shop excels at a wide variety of cabinetry and millwork. Having built entire paneled rooms, beautiful kitchens, unique and custom bathrooms and individual items specific to each customer, our versatility enables us to fulfill a wide range of client needs and investment levels.

Finish Carpentry

Platt’s field force of Finish Carpenters provides a superior level of quality craftsmanship, offering our clients the “final touch” – that aspect of the remodel that you, your family and your guests will continue to talk about as the space is lived in. Our Finish Carpenters encounter the unforeseen complexities on-site, and use their love of the materials and uncommon skill to respond to issues as they happen. It is part of our company’s culture to think for the long term always remembering that “it is better to build it correctly now” instead of coming back to talk about it and fix it later. It is a matter of pride in the craft of the trade.

The End Result

With over 25 years of construction experience and over 800 very satisfied clients, we have enough experience to know that the right fit is key to the perfect contractor/client relationship. Platt Builders has learned the importance of being able to control all aspects of your construction project to insure success. Our investment in the core service offerings has resulted in our ability to provide our clients a seamless and trouble-free custom home building or remodeling experience. Every project will present unique challenges to the builder and client, oftentimes requiring quick decisions and actions on the builder’s part to keep the project on schedule. Being able to control the variables and redirect the resources can make the difference in the ultimate outcome.

Our ability to transform a residence allows us to bring joy and satisfaction into our clients’ daily living. Let us make the difference in your next project – and in your life. Call or email us today!