Carlisle Carriage House

Two story custom carriage house built into the side of a hill with storage for three cars in Carlisle, MA.
The custom carriage house is located adjacent to the home in Carlisle, MA.
Two level custom carriage house with space for three cars featuring gable dormers and a cupola in Carlisle, MA.
Custom carriage house showing the lower level and rear door in Carlisle, MA.
Front view of custom carriage house, gable dormers and cupola in Carlisle, MA.
Interior view of custom carriage house with a slat wall versatile storage system and epoxy floor covering in Carlisle, MA.

Built as a result of taking over one bay of the existing attached garage as a mudroom, this two level carriage house has space for sports equipment and three vehicles. This carriage house, located in Carlisle, MA, is built into a hill and has a single door entrance on the upper level that provides front-to-back parking for two vehicles, while another bay on the lower level is accessed from the side. Special features include a heating system and durable epoxy floors.

Photography:  Greg Premru Photography Inc.