Concord – Home office and Master Bedroom

This office retreat is located in the backyard away from the main house, providing the perfect commute in Concord, MA.
The ceilings were removed to create an open feel in this master bedroom in this Concord, MA  antique home.
Custom headboard with integrated lights and bedside cabinets, Concord, MA.
Positioned in the middle of the room, this bed has custom cabinetry at the head and foot in Concord, MA.
The custom headboard provides storage for easy access in Concord, MA
Custom cabinetry hides the flat-paneled TV at the food of the bed in Concord, MA.
A mix of antique and modern style in Concord, MA.
Lights are integrated into the custom headboard in this Concord, MA master bedroom.

Much needed private spaces were created in this renovation of an antique home in Concord, MA.  The home office is located in the backyard just a few steps from the main house.  The ceiling in the master bedroom was removed to reveal an airy space above.  We built a custom bed that provides both storage and a place to conceal the television.

Architect:  Battles Associates

Interior Design: Beyond the Garden

Photography: Greg Premru Photography