Concord – Thoughtful Details

Spacious family room with reading nook in Concord, MA
Built-in seating for a reading nook in Concord, MA
A peek into the lower level from the family room in Concord, MA
Cherry beams in the living room, Concord, MA
Living room with cherry beams and thoughtful window placement, Concord, MA
Looking back into the living area and bar area in Concord, MA
Custom mahogany wet bar near the living area in Concord, MA
Mahogany wet bar details in Concord, MA
Well balanced custom mahogany wet bar in Concord, MA
Banquette located near the living area and kitchen in Concord, MA
Updated kitchen island in Concord, MA
Home office with custom bookcases in Concord, MA
Master bedroom suite in Concord, MA
Master bathroom with soaking tub and shower in Concord, MA
Custom cabinetry in the master bathroom, Concord, MA
Bathroom cabinetry in Concord, MA
Custom master closet with bureau and cabinetry in Concord, MA

Many thoughtful details were added to this whole house renovation to create a cohesive flow and space.  Built-in cabinets were added to the family room, a wet-bar to the living space, and a redesigned kitchen island and new banquette seating updated the gathering venues within the home.  Walnut cabinets were added to home office, and the master bedroom suite and walk-in closet were updated and refreshed.

Architect:  Battle Associates

Interior Design: Design Resource

Photography: Greg Premru Photography Inc